Can You Guess The Secret Sound?

Can You Guess The Secret Sound?

Can You Guess The Border's Secret Sound?

Is it a golf ball dropping on the ground? Is it tapping a microphone?

It could be anything!

We play Triple M's Secret Sound during breakfast with Lu & Matt and across your workday on The Border's 105.7 Triple M.

To win $1000 thanks to Harvey Norman, you just have to identify the Secret Sound correctly!

INCORRECT guesses so far:

1. Dart going into a dart board
2. Tapping the microphone
3. Making a noise with your mouth
4. Replacing a fuse
5. Dropping a shoe
6. Shutting a car door
7. Tapping a pen on a notepad
8. Opening a flip mobile phone
9. Chopping wood with an axe
10. Clapping with gloves on
11. Opening a pop top lid
12. Golf ball dropping onto tiles
13. Pinching the end of a balloon
14. Tapping a touch light
15. A needle going onto a record
16. Putting a tissue box on the bench
17. Magnetic button on a mobile phone case
18. Second hand ticking on a watch
19. Hitting 2 fingers on the side of a desk
20. Dropping a dart
21. Closing a shower door
22. Putting down a coffee mug
23. Closing a glasses case
24. Plugging in a headphone jack
25. Hitting a tennis ball with a tennis racket
26. A Leaking tap dripping into a bucket
27. Dart going into a dart board but hitting the metal wire
28. Chewing gum bubble popping
29. Dart hitting the back board
30. Acupuncture
31. Straw going into a McDonalds cup
32. Finger in the mouth and making a popping sound
33. Flicking a bit of cardboard
34. Static noise when turning a TV off
35. A bouncy ball
36. Closing a toothpaste lid
37. Tapping a pen on a coffee cup
38. Chickens eating food
39. Opening a DVD cover
40. Bouncing a squash ball
41. Putting a thumb tack into a corkboard
42. Dropping a pen onto a pad
43. Using a stapler
44. Cooking Bacon in the microwave
45. Cricket bat hitting a cricket ball
46. Dropping a coin into the dirt
47. A piece of play Doh landing on the table
48. Taking the lid off a coffee cup
49. Turning off a welder
50. Arrow going into a target
51. Poking holes into a cardboard box
52. Tapping a pencil rubber on a piece of paper
53. Bouncing a football
54. Lighting a gas BBQ
55. Tapping your shoes together
56. Opening/Closing lever binder
57. Unlocking a car
58. Closing a book with one hand.
59. Metal stake into the ground
60. Tapping the end of a stethoscope
61. Closing the Windscreen wiper fluid lid
62. Pushing the end of a broomstick into the carpet
63. Opening a glass jar
64. Cracking an egg
65. Flicking an elastic band
66. Closing a hard cover book
67. Hitting a pool ball with the cue
68. Smacking a hand on the cushion
69. Sticking a knife into the tape on a cardboard box
70. Throwing a knife into a dartboard
71. Breaking the seal of a jar of coffee
72. Opening a briefcase
73. Turning the kettle on
74. Dart going into a cardboard box
75. Kicking gumboots against the wall
76. Undoing a press stud on a wallet
77. Stabbing a box with a pen
78. Putting a lid on a thermos
79. Reeling in a fishing reel
80. Hatchet into wood
81. Deadlock clicking
82. End of a broomstick hitting on the carpet
83. Flicking your fingernail onto a book
84. Pressing the boot opening button in the car
85. Lifting a cup out of a takeaway tray
86. Putting a coat hanger on the rail
87. Turning a microphone on and getting static through the speaker
88. Sucking the last bit of liquid out of a milk carton
89. Baseball landing in baseball mitt
90. Pedestal fan button to change fan to oscillate
91. Sound effect from ‘acupuncture and apothecary’ advertisement
92. Popping a plastic bag bubble
93. Air bubble in a tube of toothpaste popping
94. Cutting packing straps off boxes
95. Piece of fruit falling off table and landing on the floor
96. A golf ball hitting the bunker or fairway
97. Water dripping onto a tarp or tent
98. Rubber mallet hitting a cork board
99. Zip-lock bag snapping shut
100. 2-piece fishing rod being pulled apart
101. Putting a magnet on the fridge
102. Pulling a dart out of a dart board
103. Lunchbox clip
104. Tennis ball bouncing on a court