Triple M's $20,000 Hearing Test

Triple M's $20,000 Hearing Test

TURN UP YOUR RADIO because Triple M’s Hearing Test is coming, and it could win you $20,000! It’s so easy to play, anyone with 2 ears can win!

All you need to do is name the song, guess the voice and pick the sound… and we could be stuffing your Christmas stocking with a WAD OF CASH! $20,000 to be precise!

Now, let's have a think about what you can buy with $20,000 for Christmas – 222 Christmas hams, or 500 cases of beer, or 5,700 kilos of potatoes, or 44 pairs of noise cancelling headphones...just in case the family gets a bit too much…

Triple M’s $20,000 Hearing Test… if you can’t hear it, you can’t win so we suggest you keep an ear out to play.

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