The Winners


The Winners

Elevator From Hell (Elevator 3, winning date: 17 Sept 2018)

Elevator From Hell (Elevator 2, winning date: 17 Aug 2018)

Liam McCarthy, Sydney, Elevator From Hell Correct Guess, $1,000

Amanda Allen, Brisbane Elevator From Hell Correct Guess, $1,000

James Henry, Melbourne Elevator From Hell Correct Guess, $1,000

Mick Golowka, Melbourne, Elevator From Hell Major Winner,  $20,000


Elevator From Hell (Elevator 1, winning date: 9 Aug 2018)

Shaun Marsh, Brisbane, $1,000 correct guess

Deb Allen, Brisbane, $1,000 correct guess

Ted Seckold, Melbourne, $1,000 correct guess

Angela Surfees, Melbourne, $26,800 Major Winner


Triple M Club WWE Experience

Bryan Meehan- Queensland


Def Leppard LA Flyaway, August 2018 

Tony Harwood


Guns N Roses in Hong Kong, July 2018

Lily Pergamalis

Sarah Melville

Tony Gow


Warren Batty


SeaDood Competition

Winner: K Shackleton

Prize: Seadoo Water Spark, valued at $7,999