It's a Quiz. About Hobart. You win cash!

$1000 on the line, daily!

It's a Quiz. About Hobart. You win cash!

Yeah, we really put our heads together for that name. 

Played every day on Triple M's Dave Noonan Show with Al Plath, one lucky listener is given the chance to win $1000 cash!

Listen to win!

Triple M’s $1000 Hobart Cash Quiz has had a revamp and hitting Hobart airwaves with MORE money to be won and a different format that is now even EASIER to play along…

We’ll dish up 10 statements all about Hobart and Southern Tassie every morning!

Answer correctly within 60 seconds whether each statement is true or false and you’ll walk away with $1000! If you don’t get them all correct, you’ll score a consolation prize of $10 per correct answer (right up to $90)

Happy Quizzing