2GO's Secret Sound

2GO's Secret Sound


Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

We'll play it during breakfast with Mandy & Akmal and across your workday on 107.7 2GO.

To win the cash prize all thanks to Domayne West Gosford, you just have to get it right! 


1. Stirring a cup of tea/coffee 
2. A prize wheel spinning
3. Wind up teeth toy
4. Something clicking along the spokes of a bike wheel
5. Shaking dice in a cup and throwing onto a game board
6. The balls shaking inside an aerosol can
7. Shaking a Wite-Out pen
8. Hand shaped party clappers
9. Spinning the wheel on an office chair
10. A CD stuck in a player
11. Mints in a jar 
12. Stirring a drink in a hard plastic cup
13. Sports shakers with the spring inside
14. Shaking a spray can
15. A kid's toy that you push along and it pops out
16. Putting dice into a cup and shaking it
17. Roulette wheel ball spinning 
18. A chocolate wheel spinning
19. The wheels of a shopping trolley
20. Lotto balls being dropped
21. Turning a pen upside down on a desk and clicking it on the bench
22. A sewing machine
23. Spokey Dokeys
24. Hand clappers you take to shows
25. Beating an egg
26. Antique monkey drumming
27. Two tic-tacs in a container
28. Sticking a pencil into a fan
29. An automatic card shuffling machine
30. Toy plastic teeth that chatter on the table
31. Shaking an aerosol spray can
32. Pressing down on the space bar of a keypad
33. Shaking a paint pen marker
34. Sliding through the minutes whilst setting an alarm on your phone
35. Shaking a container of tablets
36. Container you put herbs and marinades in then add a ball and shake it up
37. Popcorn being made
38. Dice in a container 
39. Running a stick along the top of a picket fence
40. Blinds flapping in the wind 
41. Wind up chattering teeth
42. Dice shaking



1. A stapler
2. A pen clicking
3. Dropping a Tic Tac into a container
4. Coins being fed into a vending machine
5. Cracking a can open
6. A pencil being dropped and bouncing on the floor

7. Opening a ring pull on a can
8. The seatbelt being clicked in

9. A lock being opened
10. The clicking of a computer mouse
11. A hole puncher
12. Swiping a manual credit card machine

13. The needle of a record player going back to it's original position
14. Squeezing a can of soft drink
15. An old school gum ball machine
16. A jukebox
17. Dropping a raw egg onto another egg
18. Closing the lever on a ring binder folder
19. A camera shutter
20. A needle being placed on a vinyl record
21. Pushing down the buttons on a cassette player
22. Opening a door with a set of keys
23. Locking the home screen on your iPhone
24. A ball on a pendulum desk toy
25. A mousetrap
26. A potato scoop flicking potato out
27. A jaffle maker closing
28. Twisting the top and breaking the seal on long life milk
29. Clicking a pen
30. Retrieving your card at the ATM
31. Pulling out a staple with a staple jaw
32. An apple corer
33. Dynamo label maker
34. Flicking a key open on a car remote
35. A coin coming down into a coin return
36. Hole punch
37. Opening and closing a metal toy car door
38. Pushing & releasing the push pop dice on the board game 'Trouble'
39. Putting an old photo slide into a projector and sliding it across
40. A hose clicking onto the end of a tap
41. The arm of a record player
42. A coin being put into a shopping trolley
43. Popping a CD or tape out of it's case
44. Pulling sticky tape off a sticky tape dispenser
45. A stapler
46. Clicking a tape in
47. A ticket pricing gun
48. Opening & closing a car glovebox 
49. The ball dropping into a roulette wheel
50. A date stamp
51. A ink stamp, stamping a piece of paper
52. A photo locket being closed and put down
53. The latch closing on a metal gate
54. Dropping coins into a parking meter
55. Somebody using Wite-Out correction tape
56. Gas lighter that lights a gas stove
 Something being flicked on and off like a switch
58. Putting a coffee plug in a coffee machine
59. Pulling the top off a ring top can
60. Dragging something into the trash on a laptop
61. Changing the blade on hair clippers
62. Locking & checking the lock on the front door
63. Pressing the switch on & off button on your laptop
64. Placing a coat hanger on a rack
65. A safe with the cash in it
66. Pushing the button on a camera, the flash
67. Imprinter
68. Someone typing on a typewriter
69. A key opening a door
70. Putting a coin in a trolley
71. Opening the seal on a packet of pringles
72. The sound an iPhone makes when you take a screenshot
73. Taking a picture on a View-Master
74. A vision marker
75. Clicking in a seatbelt
76. A coffee pod capsule going through a Nespresso type coffee machine. Going in or being ejected.
77. Loading a cassette into a boombox and pushing play
78. Undoing a seatbelt 
79. The dice popper on the game trouble
80. A car key popping out of the car key
81. Opening and closing a letterbox 
82. Stapling paper
83. A security tag remover
84. Akmal chewing on a freckle 
85. When you press the pause button on the front loading washing machine and it releases the door
86. Is it a light switch turning On or Off?
87. An old ashtray with a button you used to push and it spun around
88. Turning on a cars indicator
89. Putting dentures in a glass of water before you goto bed
90. Clicking the lever on a view-finder
91. Closing the metal binder on a folder
92. Validating a parking ticket
93. A metal spoon being dropped onto a wooden chopping board
94. A coin dropping into the slot on a public phone box
95. A toasted sandwich maker being closed with the safety clip...
96. A battery being inserted into something like a remote control
97. A cassette going into the cassette player
98. A spinning top hitting a table and then bouncing off onto a wall
99. A pair of glasses being put down onto a hard surface
100. A 'Connect Four'
101. A folding chair
102. Putting money into a lolly machine.
103. A vehicle pulling over a speed bump.
104. The little stamp machine that stamps your parcel at the post office.
105. Locking a deadbolt on a door
106. Opening or closing a horse barrier before they start to race
107. Dropping a coin
108. A 'View Master' view finder
109. A pinball machine
110. A newtons cradle
111. Shutter going off in an older style camera
112. A retractable self-inking stamp
113. Pushing down on the lever of a door
114. A foil cutting container
115. A label maker cutting a label
116. Sliding the bolt back in the chamber of a gun when you put a bullet in
117. Unclicking or clicking a seat belt
118. Pulling out a tape measure and retracting it
119. Clicking a computer key
120. A microwave door closing 
121. Tape being pulled out of a dispenser
122. Changing the date on an old school calendar
123. The agitator in a washing machine
124. The game KerPlunk
125. Surveyors field light taking an image or measurement 
126. The lotto numbers dropping down the slot
127. A Miele washing machine finishing washing and you open the lid
128. Folding up your sunglasses

It all starts again tomorrow with $5000 up for grabs! Play with Mandy & Akmal after 8am and all day whilst you work!

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