KFC Launches Brand New Spicy Menu Item

You ready for the heat?

KFC Launches Brand New Spicy Menu Item

Photo: KFC / Supplied

Your favourite fried chicken joint has just upped the ante by teaming with this legendary hot sauce.

What's the one sauce that is guaranteed to be tucked away in all pantries? That, without fail, will bring the perfect balance of spice and flavour to any savoury meal? The pièce de résistance of the classic Bloody Mary?

Yep, KFC has teamed up with none other than legendary hot sauce, Tabasco.

The Colonel has paired the famous hot sauce with his Extra Crispy Chicken, to bring us all the meal we didn't know we needed until now - which will be available in 620 of Australia's stores from TODAY.

We know what you're thinking, "this is pure genius, why did it take them until 2017 to bring this to their menu?"

Well, it's funny you ask, because Tabasco and KFC have been perfecting this recipe for over two years, to ensure a winning formula.

“The meeting of these two legends has been a long time coming, and the flavours are like nothing KFC Australia has created before," said Catherine Tan, CMO KFC Australia.

"This recipe is exclusive to Australia, and one of the most unique products KFC has created - we can’t wait for customers to try it.”

Also, for all you spice-devils out there, KFC will now also offer Tabasco 'Blister Packs' so that you can make your chicken (or any other meal for that fact) even spicier!