Danny Corcoran Slams The AFL And ASADA

"Simply inaccurate"

Danny Corcoran Slams The AFL And ASADA

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Former Essendon boss Danny Corcoran has slammed the AFL and ASADA for the interim report ASADA released in 2013.

Corcoran was one of many Essendon officials who was punished back in 2013, copping a six-month suspension for his involvement in the doping scandal.

He took to the interim report ASADA released in 2013, which was then used by the AFL to punish Essendon, and suggested it was a mess.

“The damned interim report — it remains to this day a combination of the truth, half truths and lies,” Corcoran told News Corp.

“Disaffected Essendon staff, deregistered practitioners and even convicted criminals gave evidence that was simply inaccurate.”

The AFL used the ASADA interim report to punish the Bombers, fining them $2 million, removing them from finals and stripping them of multiple draft picks.

Corcoran was suspended, alongside James Hird and Bruce Reid, while Mark Thompson was fined.

“None of its content was tested or cross-examined and it portrayed a lopsided view of the situation,” he said.

However, Corcoran did express his remorse at the saga, labelling it a "nightmare".

“I remember Dean Robinson had convinced the doctor that supplements that were taken by injection were more effective than supplements that passed through the gut,” he said.

“That was the beginning. Once that happened it opened Pandora’s box...it was the beginning of the nightmare.”