2017 AFL Retirements And Delistings


2017 AFL Retirements And Delistings

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Scott Thompson (retired)

Dean Gore (delisted)

Troy Menzel (delisted)

Jake Lever (traded to Melbourne)

Harrison Wigg (traded to Gold Coast)

Charlie Cameron (traded to Brisbane Lions)

Cam Ellis-Yolmen (delisted)

Jonathon Beech (delisted)


Brisbane Lions

Josh Clayton (delisted)

Jonathan Freeman (delisted)

Blake Grewar (delisted)

Ryan Harwood (delisted)

Jarrad Jansen (delisted)

Tom Rockliff (free agent - Port Adelaide)

Josh Schache (traded to Western Bulldogs)

Claye Beams (delisted)

Michael Close (delisted)

Jonathan Freeman (delisted)

Matthew Hammelmann (delisted)

Cian Hanley (delisted)



Dennis Armfield (retired)

Andrew Gallucci (delisted)

Daniel Gorringe (retired)

Kristian Jaksch (delisted)

Matthew Korcheck (retired)

Liam Sumner (delisted)

Bryce Gibbs (traded to Adelaide)

Rhys Palmer (delisted)

Ciaran Sheehan (delisted)

Dylan Buckley (delisted)

Blaine Boekhorst (delisted)

Billie Smedts (delisted)

Simon White (delisted)



Jesse White (retired)

Lachie Keeffe (delisted free agent - GWS)

Liam Mackie (delisted)

Mitch McCarthy (delisted)

Henry Schade (delisted)

Ben Sinclair (retired)

Jackson Ramsay (delisted)

Adam Oxley (delisted)



Yestin Eades (retired)

James Kelly (retired)

Brent Stanton (retired)

Jobe Watson (retired)

Heath Hocking (delisted)

Craig Bird (delisted)

Ben Howlett (delisted)

Alex Morgan (delisted free agent - North Melbourne)



Zac Dawson (retired)

Garrick Ibbotson (retired)

Shane Yarran (retired)

Zac Clarke (delisted)

Sam Collins (delisted)

Josh Deluca (delisted)

Jonathon Griffin (delisted)

Matthew Uebergang (delisted)

Hayden Crozier (traded to Western Bulldogs)

Harley Balic (traded to Melbourne)

Lachie Weller (traded to Gold Coast)

Nick Suban (delisted)



Tom Lonergan (retired)

Andrew Mackie (retired)

Josh Cowan (delisted)

Steven Motlop (free agent - Port Adelaide)

Darcy Lang (traded to Carlton)

Tom Ruggles (delisted)

Matthew Hayball (delisted)


Gold Coast

Jarrad Grant (delisted)

Mitch Hallahan (delisted)

Keegan Brooksby (delisted)

Ryan Davis (delisted)

Cameron Loersch (delisted)

Adam Saad (traded to Essendon)

Brandon Matera (traded to Fremantle)

Gary Ablett (traded to Geelong)

Daniel Currie (delisted)

Trent McKenzie (delisted free agent - Port Adelaide)

Matt Shaw (delisted)

Mackenzie Willis (delisted)



Tom Downie (retired)

Steve Johnson (retired)

Tendai Mzungu (retired)

Devon Smith (traded to Essendon)

Nathan Wilson (traded to Fremantle)

Matt Kennedy (traded to Carlton)

Shane Mumford (retired)

Sam Reid (delisted)



Jack Fitzpatrick (retired)

Josh Gibson (retired)

Luke Hodge (retired/traded to Brisbane Lions)

Luke Surman (retired)

Billy Hartung (delisted)

Kade Stewart (delisted)

Dallas Willsmore (delisted)

Ty Vickery (retired)



Heritier Lumumba (retired)

Jake Spencer (delisted)

Jack Trengove (delisted free agent - Port Adelaide)

Mitch White (delisted)

Liam Hulett (delisted)

Ben Kennedy (delisted)

Jack Watts (traded to Port Adelaide)

Colin Garland (retired)


North Melbourne

Will Fordham (delisted)

Lachlan Hansen (delisted)

Matthew Taylor (delisted)

Sam Gibson (delisted/traded to Adelaide)

Aaron Mullett (delisted free agent - Carlton)

Corey Wagner (delisted)

Lindsay Thomas (delisted)

Andrew Swallow (retired)


Port Adelaide

Nathan Krakouer (retired)

Jackson Trengove (free agent - Western Bulldogs)

Angus Monfries (retired)

Jarman Impey (traded to Hawthorn)

Brendon Ah Chee (traded to West Coast)

Aaron Young (traded to Gold Coast)

Matthew Lobbe (traded to Carlton)

Logan Austin (traded to St Kilda)

Brett Eddy (delisted)

Jesse Palmer (delisted)

Matthew White (delisted)



Ivan Maric (retired)

Chris Yarran (retired)

Steve Morris (delisted)

Todd Elton (delisted)

Taylor Hunt (delisted)

Jake Batchelor (delisted)

Ben Lennon (delisted)


St Kilda

Joe Baker-Thomas (delisted)

Nick Coughlan (delisted)

Sean Dempster (retired)

Leigh Montagna (retired)

Nick Riewoldt (retired)

Jason Holmes (delisted)

Lewis Pierce (delisted)

Nick O'Kearney (delisted)



Brandon Jack (delisted)

Tyrone Leonardis (delisted)

Michael Talia (delisted)

Shaun Edwards (retired)

Jeremy Laidler (retired)

Sam Murray (traded to Collingwood)

Sam Fisher (delisted)

Alex Johnson (delisted)


West Coast

Paddy Brophy (retired)

Sam Butler (retired)

Sam Mitchell (retired)

Drew Petrie (retired)

Matt Priddis (retired)

Jonathan Giles (retired)

Simon Tunbridge (delisted)

Tom Gorter (delisted)

Josh Hill (delisted)

Tom Lamb (delisted)

Jordan Snadden (delisted)

Sharrod Wellingham (delisted)


Western Bulldogs

Matthew Boyd (retired)

Robert Murphy (retired)

Declan Hamilton (delisted)

Josh Prudden (delisted)

Tristan Tweedie (delisted)

Jake Stringer (traded to Essendon)

Travis Cloke (retired)

Stewart Crameri (delisted)

Roarke Smith (delisted)