Mick Molloy Asks Paul Roos When He Will Start Coaching Collingwood

Stitch up

Mick Molloy Asks Paul Roos When He Will Start Coaching Collingwood


Mick Molloy stitched up Paul Roos this morning by asking his if there was any confirmation he would be joining Collingwood in a coaching capacity.

"Now Paul have you been given an official start date as senior coach at Collingwood?" Mick asked to laughter in The Hot Breakfast studio.

"Is that happening today? Is that the reason you’re in here today?" Mick continued.

"No - this isn’t a press conference," Roos said.

Eddie McGuire was less amused by the 'elephant in the room' - but Roos answered diplomatically.

"You have to be emotionally tied to it. It was a very, very long process to get me (to Melbourne)," the premiership coach said in reference to senior coaching.

"It’s a process you have to go through - it’s not as simple as a phone call."

"It was hard to go through that process last time - and I’m glad I did it. It was a great experience."

"I’m glad we were able to achieve what we did at Melbourne. But I can’t see myself doing it again, it’s just such an investment in your time and energy."

McGuire asked what sort of steps Alastair Clarkson would have to take to rebuild Hawthorn - who have started the season in shocking fashion.

"There’s no question that Clarko is the right coach - he’s done it before. But the only question for Clarko is: does he have the energy to do it?" Roos asked.

He also had a specific view in mind of how the Hawks forward line should shape up - listen to the full chat here: