Brian Wilson Tells Triple M He's Lost His 1982 Brownlow Medal

"It's gone."

Brian Wilson Tells Triple M He's Lost His 1982 Brownlow Medal Image: Twitter/1980s Football

Former Melbourne star Brian Wilson has told Triple M's Hot Breakfast he's lost his 1982 Brownlow Medal.


Wilson jumped on the phone to pump up his Demons, noting he'll attend his first final since 1988 - his playing days - on Friday night.

During the chat he let slip that he lost his Brownlow Medal moving houses, which took the guys aback.

"At my house, I have no trophies, I don't have any photos (at home)," he explained to Triple M.

"I actually have lost my Brownlow Medal and it's gone, about six years ago."

Wilson said it was meant to be a gift for his daughter on her 18th birthday, and that was the only reason he was worried about it.

"It was always meant for the first born and it was meant for her, so we tried to find it and it's gone. She made that little announcement on her 18th birthday," he said.

"Apart from that, I've never been one to worry about awards or anything like's just something that I never worried about. I never, ever looked at that sort of stuff.

"It's a big regret, I guess...I'd love it back!"


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