Man Chases QLD Police Officer, Taking Handcuffs

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Man Chases QLD Police Officer, Taking Handcuffs

Police in Queensland are looking to identify a man who pushed an officer to the ground.

The incident happened on the normally busy Kelvin Grove Road in Brisbane on Sunday night.

Just after 11pm the officer had been patrolling when he noticed the man walking in the path of traffic.

The bloke became agitated while speaking with the Police officer, before turning on the officer and taking his handcuffs, before picking up his wallet and phone and taking off on foot.

The man, about 180cm tall with short brown hair, wearing a black tshirt, dark shorts and black shoes.

Police patrolled the area but the man remains on the run.

The 44 year old policeman suffered an injury to his elbow but did not require medical treatment.

Check out the video here: