Mickcoin Ledger

Where Every Mickcoin Is

Mickcoin Ledger

Here it is! The Official Mickcoin Ledger.

Want to keep track of where all 100 Mickcoins are? Just check the list below. 


001 - Jane Kennedy - a Thursday through Sunday Night dinner, home cooked at the Kennedy Household, with canapes, Smoked Salmon blini, and two cocktails (Negroni preferred) provided ahead of the meal. Entrée to be served, cannot be ‘soupy’, some fried calamari with lemon is agreeable. Meal to include slow cooked Greek Lamb with roast potatoes. Meal to be accompanied with glasses of Sam Neil’s Pinot Noir and a buttery Chardonnay from the Margaret River as well as a ‘nice red’. Four to be served not including Jane and Rob. Chocolate Soufflé for dessert. Dangerous Dave not to be invited.  Mick may bring strippers as guests.

                 NB - Transferred by Jane Kennedy to Wil Anderson to host an RDO

002  - 'Craig'  - an evening at Kittens with transfers in either the Kittens bus or limo

003 - Random Bloke -  running around Melbourne CBD in a Mankini with ‘I love Mick Molloy’ written on his back

004 - 'Steve' - a VB Warnie Doll, Steve did think of offering the Ian Botham doll but decided upon the Warnie doll instead. Wouldn’t sell the set.

005 & 006 - 'Wade' - 10 laps in a V8 Supercar at Eastern Creek

007 - 'Tai' - for his tattoo on his calf, one of Mick’s favourite body parts, of Mick. Jane insisted on two but Mick resisted.

008-  Fitzy - for granting Mick an extra RDO, 8 spots in a box at Round 15 at the AFL was also offered, an autographed copy of Keith Richard’s autobiography ‘Life’.

009- 'Paul' - in exchange a Black Label, Mint Condition, Penthouse Mag from 1986, Paul did think it was worth two. From the ‘Mohawk’ era of Bush.

010 & 011 - Andy Lee - in exchange for the new Twist Face, Taylor Made driver golf club which Tiger Woods is using from Andy Lee

012 - Manu Feildel - for helping Jane with her home cooked meal

013 - Leigh Sales - for a tea towel that she an Annabelle Crabb sells

014 - Andrew Denton - to perform open heart surgery on Mick if and when Mick has a heart attack

015 - 'Simon' - for his novelty swearing Parrot

016 - 'Robert' - to loan his collection of James Reyne's and Australian Crawl's back catalogue on Vinyl.

017 - 'Nicole' - for her paddock to plate offer of fresh breastmilk to be displayed on ice in a champagne bucket.

018 - 'Jen' - for her Vinyl copy of Disco Fever 1978 on Vinyl featuring Erlan the Disco Duck and the Widdle Waddle singers. Mick wants the cover art to be displayed with headphones to listen to the album.

019 & 020 - (on advisement to) 'John' - for his Chesterfield single seater from the Pier Hotel in Frankston that Mick may or may not have had sex on.

021 - (on advisement to) 'Shawn' for an abstract sculpture that he made of mirrors and iPhones.

022 - 'Craig' - for a white and blue Triple M Bomber Jacket on loan

023 - (on advisement to) Dangerous Dave - for a Lego sculpture. Awarding to be decided by Mick's twins.


And if you want to get your hands on one, sign up and tell us what you're willing to give Mick in exchange.

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