Well It's About Time

Australia Votes For Marriage Equality

Well It's About Time

If you are old enough to remember one of the greatest ever political slogans by an Australian party, Gough Whitlam's "It's Time" campaign in the early 70s, you might have mouthed those words again just after 7 this morning.

After a torturous, destructive  and at times very, very nasty plebiscite, Australia has voted overwhelmingly for marriage equality.

Why? It's time.

Every state, including the so called conservative states of Qld and WA gave a resounding YES in the survey and the NO campaign has been left to ponder the future.

So from my point of view what will happen in this future?

The sky will not fall, Wellington and Harvey dams will not fail and Preston River will not run red.

For those who are not in a same sex relationship their bond will be no less legitimate or diminished in any way, life will continue as it did yesterday.

These folks will still have good days and bad days together, some marriages will fall apart, let's be honest the marriage success rate has not been much to hold on high for some time.

Again, from my point of view what will happen?

Friends who have been together for years WILL have legitimacy in their relationships and recognize from today that a very large percentage of Australia does not hold them in contempt, and the wedding industry will flourish.

Religious freedoms have been discussed again today, however it appears that's about freedom to discriminate which is exactly what the plebiscite was about avoiding in the first place.

To my friends who wept today at the decision, I am so glad that, at last, these were tears of relief and joy.

It's time, for Love.