A Dark Chapter In WA Footy

Look At The Picture, What Do You Feel?

A Dark Chapter In WA Footy

It's probably a bit much to say yesterday at Optus Stadium is a day that will live on in infamy however it will not be forgotten or even forgiven for a long time.

Today just happens to be the anniversary of the firts Aussie Rules game to be played at night at the MCG, in 1879, that we remember too.

The seemingly unprovoked attack on Andrew Brayshaw from Andrew Gaff will be discussed at length throughout this week and for the rest of the season and so it should as it throws up so many questions and possible ramifications for sport.

Does a punch that would be called a coward punch in Northbridge be considered lesser if it happens on the sports field? According to several legal minds no it should not, the AFL tribunal will consider it first and then there might even be a civil case.

A few things have astounded me over the last 24 hours:

1. It happened the way it did

2. The severity of the injury to Brayshaw

3. The character references thrown around to defend the action. It's like seeing an interview with the neighbours when a serial killer is found next door, "he was always so nice to us, it feels totally out of character"

4. The reaction from fans who I would guess would have known about the incident by the end of the game and still cheered for Andrew Gaff.

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson has urged the people involved in the incident to make contact and while you may now scream "what happens on the field......" think about the precedent of Leigh Matthews on Neville Bruns in 1985 that saw charges.

It should not be any different just because it's on a sports field.

Andrew Gaff will most certainly face a long sanction, the Brownlow is gone and he was being looked at by other clubs, that could all be gone too.

Andrew Brayshaw won't eat solid food for a month.

Tell me who suffers the most.

One thing is for sure, Andrew Gaff will wear this around his neck for the rest of his sporting life and maybe beyond.