Police hunt two men after Townsville jewellery heist

The search is on!

Police hunt two men after Townsville jewellery heist

Police are combing through footage from several CCTV cameras, searching for more clues, after an overnight jewellery heist.

Thieves broke into the doors at the top of Stockland Townsville at around 11.20pm Monday. They then forced their way into the Goldmark store inside.

Police say the offenders then smashed open at least one display case, and took jewellery.

There’s no word on the value of the goods taken, until a stocktake is done this morning.

Officers say the two men were in and out within 10 minutes, and left the way they came in.

Police say several crews and the dog squad rushed there as soon as the alarm was raised.

They surrounded the complex, but the offenders slipped out moments before police arrived.

Investigators are still looking into it.

It’s not believed to be connected to a similar incident at the Goldmark store at Castletown Shoppingworld in October 2015.