Who is responsible for Opera House security?

Calls To Review Tourist Precinct

Who is responsible for Opera House security?

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There are calls for security around the Opera House to be reviewed with claims vehicles can and have accessed the area.

The Australian has reported vehicles have driven along the pedestrian strip in the direction of the popular tourist site, raising fears of a potential London or Nice (France) style of attack.

There's also a concern there are multiple government agencies that are jointly responsible for the security at Circular Quay, but a number of those agencies cant clarify which group is actually responsible for some of the issues that include access by vehicles to the area.

Sydney Business Chamber executive director Patricia Forsythe says "it is time of an overall review of security, its time for a coordinated approach - that there are too many government agencies, and the risk is everybody thinks someone else is doing it"

Speaking to the Triple M Newsroom this morning Ms Forsyth says the government needs to give some clarity around the situation "we know they manage new year's eve well, we know they manage Vivid well, so it is possible they are behind the scenes a strong approach to security in the area - but the fact people don't know who to call suggests the government's got to call together its agencies, do a review of security and determine clearly who is going to have responsibility for some of the questions that businesses are raising"