Officials Campaign for Women's Health!

Health Bodies Work to Raise Awareness!

Officials Campaign for Women's Health!

It's a timely reminder for Sunraysia's women to be sure they're up to date with cervical cancer screening and to join an awareness campaign by painting their nails orange!


The call is all in support of cervical health awareness, with National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week continuing across the country.


Data shows nearly 50% of Australian women aren't being screened as regularly as they should be.


Far West Local Health District has backed the calls; with the health body stressing the importance of the procedure for local women.



FWLHD's Jane Davies says 80% of cervical cancer eventuates in women who have never had a cervical screening test or who under-screen.


With vaccination and screening services available, cervical cancer is one of the most preventable forms of the illness.


For more info on what you can do to raise awareness, click the link below!