Households Urged Keep Up Pest Control Efforts!

Officials work to protect produce!

Households Urged Keep Up Pest Control Efforts!

Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area Committee is appealing for households in urban areas to keep up their efforts and support local industries in their fight against the fruit fly.


Officials are urging locals to replace their fruit fly traps every three months, with the timed roll outs providing new traps to maintain protection levels.


With Sunraysia one of Australia's largest fruit growing regions in Australia, producing millions of dollars of fresh produce.


The Queensland Fruit Fly has been identified as the greatest insect bio security threat.



The mass-trapping exercise specifically targets the urban areas where there is a high density of houses to increasing the chance of attracting and killing flies.


The traps aren't the only measures locals can take, with the Committee urging us to apply bait sprays every 6 to 8 weeks before harvest, cover trees or tree branches with insect nets, pick produce early and to never leave fruit to over-ripen or drop to the ground.


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