Esperance Jetty - Draft concept design explained

the consultation process closes Sept 21

Esperance Jetty - Draft concept design explained

The Draft Concept Design for the revamped Esperance Tanker Jetty is out and the general public couldn’t be more delighted that finally some process has been made to save the jetty before it drifts away and is lost forever to the big blue.

The design presented by H&H Architects has received glowing endorsement from the Shire council (only one councillor opposed the plan) and includes four unique sections that are functional for a range of activities and provide homage to the jetty’s rich heritage.

Features of the design that have caught the eye include the dive platform made available to scuba divers willing to access the world class diving trail around the Esperance bay, ten nodes that provide historic and contemporary information about the old structure and the town, a world-class fishing section hoping to attract big fishing competitions to town and a widened jetty head, nine metres wide in fact, to host bigger, social events such as weddings or group exercise sessions.

The design honours the old jetty by using salvage material throughout the design, including a historic section lain by previous timber. The old material will be used for aesthetic purposes only.

Some backlash is expected and now is the perfect opportunity for anyone with feedback or suggestions to make their submissions to the Esperance Shire. This consultation period will close come September 21.

Hear Julie de Jong, the Director of H&H Architects, and the Shire President talking about the design on the Sean for Breakfast Show at the link.