Toowoomba Police Hold Concerns for Identity Theft

Monsters of a different kind

Toowoomba Police Hold Concerns for Identity Theft

Relax – these aren’t monsters running around removing peoples faces, they are monsters of a different kind taking personal details and scamming banks.

Police are looking into some nefarious types who have been obtaining peoples’ drivers licence details, either by stealing the licence during a house break or similar, or by gaining access to the licence photographing it and returning it without the victim even knowing.

They then go online and open bank accounts, apply for credit cards or open accounts with telecommunications companies and rack up huge debt all by just having the details from the licence.

Police are asking people to be mindful of identity theft and report any loss of identification or suspicious use of their accounts.

For more information about identity theft, visit our R U In Control? page here, which also contains information on a range of other fraud related matters.

For advice about prevention of identity theft visit the Attorney-General’s Department website here.