New Job Opportunities Expected With Weir Construction

Mayor Strelow comments

New Job Opportunities Expected With Weir Construction Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Over the last few years we've been preparing for the weir - set to be built by 2021 - including the job opportunities that will be created as a result.

Mayor Margaret Strelow outlined some of the projects being undertaken by Advance Rockhampton in anticipation of the weir:

Our Advance Rockhampton team has worked with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to compile and package information about agribusiness opportunities for both existing landholders and potential investors. We have identified and quantified opportunities for intensive livestock, for new high-value crops and for horticulture.

- Mayor Margaret Strelow

Mayor Strelow stated that the region's diversity in products as well as our airport capabilities positions us as the "agricultural powerhouse of Queensland", and expects that new weir will greatly benefit the region.

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