Local Legends Announce Recording Breaking Tour

No stopping Chasing Ghosts

Local Legends Announce Recording Breaking Tour

Image: Chasing Ghosts

Local rock band Chasing Ghosts' are setting records with their latest tour announcement.

The Melbourne based rock band has announced a huge 21 shows across the month of May, record making shows for the band, if not for any band!

The tour, which gives that of the classic pub rock glory days a run for it’s money see’s the band play everywhere from Melbourne to Footscray, St Kilda and Castlemaine.

Following on from the release of Chasing Ghosts’ full length “I Am Jimmy Kyle” in late 2016 and through two blistering national tours over the summer, Chasing Ghosts' have quickly solidified themselves as a fierce work horse capable of astonishing shows

Chasing Ghosts' are a favourite of Home Grown with their rocking single ‘Jane Doe’.

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Dates and more info available here